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Canadian immigration law is complex and can easily overwhelm a person seeking to immigrate  to Canada without the benefit of legal counsel to guide you through the relevant law and  legal process to assure your compliance with immigration laws.  The Canadian embassy is not there to provide you with legal advice to better present your case.  We are here to help you take the right legal route to avoid delays and subsequently accomplish your goal to immigrate to Canada. Do not get yourself buried in details. Contact us instead. Call us at (905) 530-2470 or Email us at 

We provide immigration legal services in all areas of immigration law. You want to come to Canada to visit, work, or study, we can help you; you want to invest, or be sponsored by your family or spouse, or you wish  to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker, Trade Skilled Worker, or under a Nominee Provincial program, we can help you too; you have been denied a visa for medical or criminal backgrounds reasons, we can litigate your case in Federal Court for you; you are suffering from persecution and are seeking convention refugee status, we can help you too.  Book an appointment by sending an email

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